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Birthdate:Mar 31
Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
Name - Ranger Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj

Universe - Metro 2033

Appearance - Artyom is typically Slavic, with short dark hair, blue-green eyes and paler than normal skin, even for a Russian. He stands about 5'10, and has multiple scars over his body from both his upbringing in the Metro and his occupation as a Polis Ranger. As would be expected, he speaks with a Russian accent. Usually, he wears a set of urban camouflage fatigues when not on duty, but he also keeps a set of Ranger combat gear in his room. At all times, even in Milliways, he has a gas mask with at least two filters with him.

Bio - Although he was born before the end of the world, Artyom has only a few fragments of memory from that time. Instead, most of what he recalls from his early childhood is growing up in the Exhibition station of the Moscow Metro, where he was raised by his adoptive stepfather Alex. He had a decent childhood, or at least as much of a childhood as you can get in the post-apocalypse, and formed his views​ on the world through books and stories. Over time, he learnt to defend himself with both knives and guns, becoming very proficient with both. Everything was fine in his world until around the time of his twentieth birthday, when the mutant attacks increased on his station, and he was chosen to go to get help. What followed changed him, and his small underground world, forever.
Roleplay Notes:

- Artyom is a crack shot. As in, Olympic level. He can fire just about any gun out there, and is pretty good with throwing knives as well. This is down to both a natural aptitude, and his skill being recognised early by his stepfather and undergoing training for the better part of a decade.

- He doesn't actually speak English, the Bar translates for him. He thinks everyone is speaking Russian.

- Artyom can play the guitar pretty well, and knows a fair amount of songs on it. He can't play any other instrument.

- He's got a very Nietzschean view of God and religion, and actively believes that God is dead. Instead of swearing by a deity, Artyom usually swears by various figures from history. His personal favorites are Dostoevsky and Freud.

- His tastes in music incline towards classic rock, especially more acoustic stuff like early Bob Dylan.
Artyom is from the novel and video game series Metro 2033, and is the property of 4A Games, Deep Silver, and Dmitry Glukhovsky. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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